The Dead Sea is the largest natural Spa in the world & the lowest point on earth, situated 417 meters (1,373 ft.) below Sea Level. The Dead Sea is one of the most unique healing SPA resources: it contains 10 times more Salts & Minerals than any other Sea or Ocean in the world.
These rich, unique minerals and mud bring natural health and beauty benefits for people, worldwide.

The Precious Dead Sea Minerals are known for:
Inducing a relaxed feeling & Nourishing the skin
Activating the circulatory system & Easing rheumatic
discomfort & metabolic disorders


The core of SEE SE is PRECIOUS MINERAL COMPLEX, a groundbreaking combination of Essential Dead Sea Minerals from the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, -417 meters below Sea Level & High concentration of natural active ingredients (Vitamins & Plants). PRECIOUS MINERAL COMPLEX: Combination of Essential Dead Sea Minerals & High concentration of natural active ingredients (Energizing Vitamins & Unique Plant Extracts): Maintains normal skin hydration level Enhances skin’s natural ability to retain water Provides and promotes natural moisture Strengthens the natural protection of the skin Provides the optimum nourishment – for all skin types Ensures skin regeneration by assisting the renewal of skin cells Prevents signs of aging Improves skin texture as well as hair & scalp conditions



  • Calcium (Ca):
  • Potassium (K):
  • Sodium (Na):
  • Magnesium (Mg):
  • Zinc (Zn):
  • Lithium (L):
  • Bromine (Br):
  • Manganese (Mn):

Calcium (Ca): Activities in cell protection Potassium (K): Properties to balance skin functions. Known to help acne conditions. Sodium (Na): Improves skin metabolism Magnesium (Mg): Promotes energy production among oxygenation cells Zinc (Zn): Contributes to cell renewal. Improves sebo-regulation and helps in acne conditions. Lithium (L): Improves inflammation skin conditions (such as psoriasis). Bromine (Br): Soothing, calming properties Manganese (Mn): Improves skin layer. Also known for antioxidant properties.

PRECIOUS VITAMINS Vitamin A:      Helps to improve the appearance of the fine lines Vitamin B:      Enhances skin’s natural ability to retain water. Provides a healthy glow to the skin. Vitamin C:      Repairs skin sun damage and skin spots Vitamin E:      Strong Antioxidant that fights free radicals. Vitamin F:      Also known as Omega Fatty Acids. Moisturizes agent that makes the skin smoother and softer